Friday, February 22, 2013

[113] Asn 4

1. This words in this file do not wrap to the margins because soft returns (which automatically wrap words, as opposed to hard returns which the user inserts in a specific place for a return) were not included in the code. In fact, there is no HTML code at all in this file, just the text to display on the webpage.

2. This file uses word wrap but the text is displayed in one run-on paragraph because the file is saved as .html rather than .txt. Code should be used to indicate where the user wants the text to go, but is not used. This file does have an HTML source view but no code is apparent.

3. The header and footer in this file run together because there is no HTML indicating returns or differences in font size. The text uses word wrapping so it stays inside the resized window.

4. The styling of the header and footer comes from the HTML code <h> (and <h/> to close) indicating header and <#> (and <#/> to close) indicating the size of the header.

5. This file uses a CSS style code to insert color. It is otherwise identical to the fourth file.

6. This file again uses a CSS style code to insert background and font colors. The web designer also embedded a URL in the word "Questionnaire" using an external style file.

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